Creating Safe, Resilient Environments Where People Can Live, Work and Play Sustainably

TITUS Consulting Engineers aims to provide fast, reliable and efficient service to our clients

We are professionally registered Civil and Structural Engineers and Engineering Geologists who specialise in residential, commercial and civil engineering infrastructure.

Our focused approach is on partnering with our clients to deliver innovative engineering solutions that are simple, practical and cost effective.

The scope of our services include civil engineering (three waters, roading, traffic and safety), structural engineering (basements and foundations, superstructures, low rise buildings and earthquake / seismic assessments), geotechnical Investigations (soil testing, slope stability assessments, liquefaction studies and geohazard assessment) and Project and Program Management.




The critical focus of our business is the success of our clientS

Every team member directly contributes to the foundation of our processes, creating buy-in into the quality of the work we deliver. Our “people serving people” approach leads to a continual cycle of improvement because we listen to the feedback from our clients and team members. Our commitment to continual learning while striving to adopt the latest proven industry best practices provides our team members access to the vast knowledge available in the industry and delivers solutions to our clients that are not only proven, but also uniquely designed for their situation.

We maintain simple and effective business planning, risk management and health and safety processes in order to ensure regulatory and NSZISO 9001:2016 compliance.